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Canvas Prints


Start your own canvas creation!


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We make prints on real canvas in a variety of sizes and finishes. We can print as small as 8x8 and as large as 40x60 inches from your appropriately sized file. We can print your image on canvas and deliver to you as a rolled up final print, stretch it for a gallery wrapped look or dry mount to different types of foam boards. We can also make custom size canvas for various special applications such as this open stretched and grommet-ed framed print.


Rolled Canvas

These prints are just that. High quality prints on canvas that are sealed and ready for you to mount, stretch or work with in what ever fashion you will. These will be rolled up and boxed for delivery.


Thin Bars

These are the 0.75 inch thick bars. This is the narrowest thickness of bar and is suitable for hanging as is, though, most people use these to frame, since the thickness is not that obtrusive. And it can easily mount within a thick frame. Ideal for wedding and other portraits; limited sizes are available.


Thick Bars

This is a heavy 1.5 inch thick bar. These are best for larger canvases, since the bars will support the size of the print without needing an extra frame. These are the “Ready to Hang” that we sell, since they make a nice appearance as is, and do not always need a frame. The thickness of the bars does severely limit you on the types of frames you can use, since the bars are so thick. We use these for all sorts of images. Since these are able to withstand more weight than the thin bars, this size is great for custom size or panoramic prints.



Floating Frames

Used almost exclusively with the thick bars, these are frames that sit on the outside of the canvas and do not cover any of the canvas frame. It looks like the canvas is floating in the middle of the frame. This gives your work a very modern look. Since the frames are only made in standard sizes there are limited size options available for these frames. Let us know if you are interested in the floater frames and we will check you photo to make sure it will fit.







Custom Canvases

We can make many different custom sizes, so; let us know what you are looking for. We routinely make 8x24 and 10x30 sized panoramic prints. Others sizes and options may be available. Please let us know.

This print by J Michael Johnson is "White Corset" and is open stretched from using grommets and black cord laces to frame it. The overall size was 48x70 inches, more or less. This photo was the centerpiece in the Pickens County Museum Show "The History of Tattoos in South Carolina" in 2011.



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