We make Black and White prints from all types of negatives. We can easily scan and print from 35mm, 120/220 medium formats like: 645, 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9 black and white negative sizes. Many of the older types and sheet films as well, but they are not as easily defined here..

We like Black and White prints to look like black and white should look. Black blacks, clean whites and a variety of mid-tones and good contrast. We try to make any Black and White prints to look good, not a flat grey print with little tonal separation.

B/W Negative rePrinting Order Print

We can make prints from tiny locket sized photos, to 4x6 proofs, 5x7 and 8x10 size enlargement and even posters up to 12x18, 20x30 and 30x40 sizes. These are not all the sizes, but just a few. Do you need a custom sized print? We do that too! Just give us the file or print and the final dimensions and we can tell you if your file or print can be enlarged that much.

Do you have large quantities of 35mm negatives to be scanned?
We offer a shoebox special for bulk scanning of negatives.

Call us at 864-583-6835 or see our Shoebox Scanning for more details.

Shoebox Scanning