We all have them - those family members or friends who are impossible to buy for. Think parents, in-laws or your sister! Every year you rack your brain to think of something meaningful to give them. Well, look no further!

The Gather Box is a DIY archiving kit that the lucky recipient fills with old photos, home movies, slides and memorabilia. Once the box is full, they drop it off at our store and return a few days later to find all of their items are now digitized and safely archived onto DVD. Now, they can easily share and enjoy them on today’s technology.

Buy Print, Slide, Negative Gather Box

The Gather Box simplifies the sometimes daunting task of organizing personal memorabilia and helps get photo closets, drawers, basements and attics in order!

Choose which box you need. The Print Gather Box is for still photos, slides, negatives and old prints, while the Video Gather Box is for movie films and video tapes of the various sizes.

Your friends and family will gush and rave over this thoughtful gift. Simply purchase the box at our store - and wrap it up! Instructions are located inside the box so the recipient will know exactly what to do.

Buy Video-Movie Gather Box


Purchase the box for yourself or a loved one. Inside, find instructions and tips to guide you through the sorting and gathering process.


Fill it with memorabilia, photos, slides and home movies, then drop it off at our store. If you have things that won’t fit in the box, bring them along so we can address those items separately.


Return to find that everything in your box has been magically transformed into digital format. Now you can relax in confidence knowing those precious relics from the past are now protected and easily accessible.