We run C-41 color negative film three times a week to ensure chemical stability. We generally print on borderless semi gloss paper, though other finishes and features are available. Any film marked C-41 would fall into this category. We routinely process 35mm and 120 sized films. Some older films like 110, 126, 220 etc will be charged for film processing and printing will be at our discretion since films of that age may not have usable images on them.



We run Black and White negative film weekly as scheduling and roll counts permit. When printing, we generally print on borderless semi gloss paper, though other finishes and features are available. This is for current conventional process black and white films like: Ilford, Kodak and Kentmere, just to name a few. Very old films are not included in this price. The C-41 monochrome or XP-2 type films are not included on this form; they are on the Color Negative Processing form.

B/W film PROCESSING Order Form


We process very old films like C22, K14, Verichrome and other out dated processes at least once every three months. Out dated films refer to the outdated process (C22 or K14, Verichrome etc) or the out dated size of the film (116, 127, 828 etc) or the outdated film that is no longer manufactured (Super X, Verichrome, Panatomic X etc). We will process the film using the best possible mix of chemicals to bring out whatever is still viable. Often because of the age and poor storage of these films, the damage is greater than the image and nothing is printable. We will only process the film and let you determine what should be printed.

Scan and file sizes are dependent upon the image on the negative and the resolution scanned.  Turn around times are subject to variations based on time of year and volume of film received. Prices are subject to change without notice.

E-6 Slide Film Processing

We are processing E-6 slide film twice monthly. These are Ektachrome, Fujichrome, Afgfachrome, process E-6 film. This is not Kodachrome, K-14 or Anscochrome, or old Ektachrome like E-4. We are processing the film, but not mounting the slides in 2x2 mounts. We are leaving the film in rolls for easier scanning and printing. Very old or heat abused slide film may not turn out. We cannot tell how it will look before we process it, because the film uses up the chemicals to develop, we have to charge for blank, clear and white rolls.

E-6 Slide Film Processing