Photo Contest!

A monster that is a Turkey! Are you seeing this correctly?

Analog film and Instant print photo Contest.
Contest is open to any film or instant print photographers.

Contest Theme:  Inanimate Faces

Photograph the faces you see that are not alive. Inanimate objects and items that appeal to your sense of pareidolia. People, animals, statues with faces, graphics of faces are not included.

See Examples HERE

Contest Rules:
1- Camera must be an analog film camera shooting film or instant print film.
2- Digital scans the original negative can be entered or a print must be available for inspection.
3- Digital manipulation or editing is not allowed.
4- winners will be declared for the most original or creative use of the theme.
5- Winners consent to allow their photos to be used online and in Spartan Photo Center, Inc marketing materials in exchange for the prizes awarded.
6- Judges decisions are final - no entries will be returned.

The best examples of film or instant print with out manipulation will be picked. This contest is not open to digital cameras or film scanned and retouched and printed out. Original negatives may be required for verification.

Put your name and email on the back of you photo and drop off at:

108 Garner Rd
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Open 10am to 5pm Mon-Saturday

Deadline for Submissions are August 2nd, 2021

Email scanned submissions to

All rules apply

Six Winners will be chosen

Each Winner will get FREE 2 passes to the Upstate History Museum,

along with the following:

1st Place- A years worth of film and processing
You get 12 rolls of any 35mm or 120 film, developing coupons for said film & scanning to DropBox or GoogleDrive; to be used all at once or one FREE every month.

2ND Place Titan Film Scanner
3rd Place Harman EZ35 Camera
4th Place Lomo Camera 3 Pack
5th Place Dubble Camera

6th Place Underwater Camera

Winning Reception will be held Saturday August 8th.


Classes are coming! Classes are coming!!!

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