April is Film Month

Celebrate all things analog with us!

Analog film and Instant print photo Contest.
Contest is open to any film or instant print photographers.

Contest Rules:
1- Camera must be an analog film camera shooting film or instant print film.
2- Digital scans the original negative can be entered or a print must be available for inspection.
3- Digital manipulation or editing is not allowed.
4- winners will be declared for the most original or creative use of the theme.
5- Winners consent to allow their photos to be used online and in Spartan Photo Center, Inc marketing materials in exchange for the prizes awarded.
6- Judges decisions are final - no entries will be returned.

Contest Theme:  Inanimate Faces
Photograph the faces you see that are not alive. Inanimate objects and items that appeal to your sense of pareidolia. Dead things, statues with faces, graphics of faces are not included.

Polaroid Film Walkabout

Join us for a Walkabout in Downtown Greenville on April 24th. We will meet you at Eggs Up Grill,

31 Augusta St, in Downtown Greenville. Starting time is 630PM.

You will get 2 packs of i-Type or 600 Polaroid film to shoot. Meet us back at the Grill at 800pm to submit your best shot from the walkabout.

Register Here

Analog Film Sale

Weekly Film Specials

April 1st - Buy none get none FREE Sale!

All day April 1st. We're not giving it away this year. make sure to ask about April the 2nd special, buy any 5 rolls get 10% OFF.

April 8th - Buy 4 Polaroid Film Get 1 Free!

Any Polaroid i-type or 600 films, color or black and white, single or multi packs.
Buy 4 at regular price get the 5th one FREE!

April 15th - Ilford B/W Sampler!

Buy Ilford Pan F FP4, HP5 and Ortho FIlm get a roll of XP-2 FREE.
35mm or 120 sizes - sizes cannot be combined.

April 22nd - Buy any 5 rolls of film and get 1 FPP Roll Free!

Purchase any 5 rolls of film and get a Roll of Film Photography Project Film FREE.
Applies to color or black and white, 35mm size only .

April 29th - Buy 2 CINESTILL 800 film get 1 50 speed free!

Buy 2 of the CineStill 800 ISO Film in 120 or 35mm and get 1 roll of the CineStill 50 ISO film FREE!

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