Let us wet clean the CCD sensor in your Digital SLR camera for you! We can professionally clean the sensor, as well as inspect it for fibers, hairs, dust, specks, "oil spots" and other stuff that gets in there and appears as black/gray spots on the light colored or sky areas of your photo.

How much does it cost?
The price ranges from $ 50 to $100 and does not include shipping or insurance fees. Shipping and handling is not charged on cameras dropped off for cleaning.

Where do I send or bring my card?
108 Garner Rd
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Notice: We are not responsible for any damages, consequential or incidental, fees or injury for cameras that cannot be cleaned by us. By sending us your camera for cleaning, you acknowledge that the camera already has specks, dust or dirt inside it that has rendered it unusable to you. We are simply offering our expertise to you in an attempt to help you reduce the specks or dirt, to recover some use of your camera However, we are in no way responsible for the actual loss of use, loss as a result of dirt, dusk, specks, or inability to clean it if it is uncleanable itself. Any camera may be refused for cleaning for any reason including, but not limited to: scratches on CCD (from other previous cleanings or other events that have damaged it) smears due to oiling, lubrication, damage due to dropping, water or fluid damage, and sand and grit damage. We are not responsible for cameras that are lost in the mail, parcel post or any other shipping means. Insure your packages.

About Cleaning
Something with lots of specks and lint, or oily and lacquer like dirt may need professional service at the manufacturers service department, because this amount of dirt may constitute abuse or excessive use and other problems may exist because of it. Factory service is not included in these prices and must be quoted on an individual per camera basis.


FAQ- Frequently asked questions

I sneezed inside the camera while the shutter was open, can you clean that?

While that sounds incredible, it has happened. This is a cleaning that can be done here, but the excessive moisture and gumminess of the sneeze stuff should actually be cleaned by factory service.

I tried to clean the CCD myself with cotton swabs, now there are lines and swirls. Can you clean that?

It sounds like the CCD covering was scratched (cotton is actually very abrasive when dry), and will need a new covering on the CCD or CMOS, meaning it may be time for factory service. We can only be sure once we see the camera. Some streaking is from "dirty" cleaning fluids that do not evaporate off completely, or from resudue that is not removed.

I have spots that appear in the viewfinder, but not on the pictures. Can you clean that?

It is possible for dust to work its way into the viewfinder and not show up on the picture (that is why the mirror flips up, making the viewfinder dark during the CCD exposure). While we may be able to clean the exposed surfaces, disassembling the camera to get at that dust may only make the problem worse, but dirty the CCD as well. If it does not show up on the picture, and the dust is dust, not sand or grit, leave it alone. If there is sand or grit it will need factory service.

Wind blew sand into my camera at the beach and now it makes a grinding sound when I zoom, can you clean this?

‍No, sand and grit do so much damage that the lens may be ruined. Stop using it and get a factory technician to look at it. It could be salvageable. By no means should you continue to use it on your camera as the grit and sand particles will come out of the lens and contaminate the rest of the camera.

Is it possible for me to clean my digital camera myself?

Yes it is, but be very cautious about working in a clean dust free area with no distractions. Follow the cleaner instructions carefully so as not to make a costly mistake. Those supplies can be found if you enter “Cleaning” in the search box at the top of the page.

I just bought my camera a few days ago and there are spots, is the camera defective or did I do something wrong?

Most likely you had some dust work its way into the camera either by carelessness (never take the lens off and lay the camera face opening up) or environmental effects (never remove the lens in windy, dusty or city street environments). In addition, you could have contamination from a dirty lens, camera bag or old lens cap.

When was the last time you vacuumed your camera bag or cleaned out the insides of your front and rear lens caps or wiped off the outside of your lens?

If you bought it from us we will be happy to blow it out for you and check your camera bag and other equipment to find out where the problem may be coming from; and help you eliminate it.