We can take most 16mm, 8mm or Super 8mm movie films and have them converted to a DVD or MP4 memory stick for you to play on your TV DVD player or computer. Converting to DVD or MP4 memory stick is a very convenient way of viewing your old home movies. Yes DVD also makes the memory preservation possible as the ability and number of firms offering this service are less and less each year. The equipment is no longer made. Processing some of the old film types is harder and harder (especially since Kodak has stopped Processing Kodachrome, effective as of December 21, 2010)

Movie Film to DVD Order Form

Price is dependent upon the number of feet in the total order. You can get up to 1600 feet of 8mm and Super 8mm or 3200 feet of 16mm on one 2 hour DVD. DVD has pioneered the capture of movie film directly to DVD with digital enhancements built-into the capture process. So your movies should look better than ever with brightened colors, less scratches, dirt and underexposed footage. No more film leaders. Here is what you get when we send your movie film to DVD or MP4 memory stick:

  • Digital Scrapbook built-in PC software for simple editing and sharing
  • Your choice of Background Music.
  • Music video highlights from your video
  • DVD title (appears on the main menu screen, case and disc)
  • Chapter pictures on the DVD case
  • Enhancements - slight color brightening
  • Your film cleaned (reduced scratches, dirt and dust on film surface), spliced and returned on new 400ft. reels. Your original empty reels will be returned.
  • DVD chapter menus (you choose a theme background)

Prices start at $ 89.99 for the first 400 feet + .24 per additional foot. Sound, additional DVD's, editing and additional services are extra.


  • Extreme Restoration- The film reels we receive are often decades old and have already begun to degrade. With the exception of slight color brightening, the quality of the footage on DVD cannot be improved from the quality of your source film footage.
  • Customized DVD Projects - We can't make custom projects, such as adding captions and adding custom music.
  • Unprocessed Film Try: www.dwaynesphoto.com from movies film processing.
  • Copyright footage cannot be copied without a copyright release from the copyright owner.
  • Film that is not on a Reel , in small pieces or spliced together with scotch tape cannot be converted.