The days of direct printing from slides is long over. Now we will scan your slides before printing. See below for more information. Once scanned, any of the print services we offer are available to you. That can be regular small size reprints and enlargements on photo paper, or canvas, greeting cards,
T-shirts, Mugs and almost any other gift items or print we make. Of course the quality and condition of the original is of extreme importance. We will clean your originals, but if there is fungus, dirt, watermarks or finger prints that have been there for year, they may have to be digitally removed. This is available, but we will need to see the slide to know of sure.

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We can scan and print from most transparencies and slides. These include 35mm mounted and unmounted strips, 120/220 or medium format in mounted and unmounted transparencies; as well as 4x5 and 8x10 transparencies and glass plates. Since the direct printing process and equipment are almost non-existent these days, almost everything we print we have to be scanned first.

Generally speaking 2x2 inch slides are the fastest and easiest to scan and print since there is automated equipment designed for this format. Some formats of slides are 2x2 inches, but not the full size 35mm. These could be a 110 slide in a 2x2 mount, which is about ¼ the size of 35mm. These are scanned at the full resolution, but cropping the excess mount out of the picture will lower the scan resolution. There are also 110 1-1/4X1-1/4 slides which are not standard, but they can be scanned. These tend to be more expensive to scan since they are not a standard size today, and require more handling.

We have upgraded our scanner to a higher resolution scanner that we had previously. So you get scans that tend to be higher resolution with better image range than previous scans; including scanners you might be able to buy and use at home.

As you can see from the illustration above, the Old scans were about a quarter of the size of the new scans. The new scans tend to be about 4 times larger, generally about 20 to 22 Mega pixels. As you can see from the magnified portion from the old scanner , as compared to the new scanner, there is greater sharpness and detail in the new scans. There are also enhanced 1 and enhanced 2 which use increased processing to render more useable details. The color also tends to be truer to the original slide.

More resolution does not mean the scans will be better than the original. A grainy slide will still be grainy. We do not attempt to process this out since film grain is not the same a digital noise.

We are offering several new features that allow you greater control and processing of your own slides. There is the RAW format slides where the slides are saved as a Nikon NEF RAW file. We can scan the slides and give you files for HDR, with 5 files ranging from -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 exposure. We are offering Enhanced 1 where there is an increase in the clarity and sharpness of the image is boosted a little bit. Enhanced 2 the clarity and sharpness are boosted more.  

We still offer custom folder and file naming by slide or groups of slides.

And, We are now also offering different saving options like DVD, save to a DropBox or GoogleDrive account and saving images on a 32GB flash drive. All of these options can be found on the order form. Click the button below to download and print out the form.

Do you have large quantities of 35mm slides to be scanned?

Call us at 864-583-6835 for more information.

We offer several bulk scanning options:

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We now offer E-6 slide film processing if you happen to find a roll, and you would like to get it developed. We run slides twice monthly, and we scan the film for digital use or printing. Sorry, blank, clear and overexposed rolls are the same price as good film.

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