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Photography is our passion and our vocation

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You can spend hours researching and finding conflicting reviews about almost all photo gear. How do you know what’s fact and what’s opinion? What is the writer’s agenda? How do you like the camera? How does it feel in your hands?

All of our staff are photographers. We come from many different fields and can talk and show you the advantages and disadvantages of your options, and we are happy to help you make a solid decision about what you purchase. When shopping online, it’s impossible to discern the size, comfort or weight of cameras - We seek to educate our customers so that they can make the best purchase for their needs, or sometimes choose against a purchase altogether. Plus, we can help you discern what the "lingo" means, and sometimes tell you "you don't need that, because..."

We are locally owned and operated, so we spend our money in town. The economic benefits are immeasurable. The educational value is great, and the personal relations are priceless.

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