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How To Order

Each gallery is set up much like our printing kiosks in our store.  Ordering from your favorite photographer is easy and user friendly.  Find the artist or event, open the profile and click on browse and from there it is just a matter of picking out the ones you want, determining the finish, sizes and quantities of each.

With Event Photographers Galleries will be separated your type of event and customers name.  Events can be public for all to see or password protected, so your photographer may have to provide you with login credentials so only YOU can see the event.

Art Photography and Fine art prints are available for all to see and order.

Printing Media

Spartan Photo Center has several different types of printing media, including Glossy, Luster, Cotton Rag, metallic papers and canvas printing and gallery wrapping.

Disclaimer on Printing: While we are offering the printing, the Artist has final say in what options THEY want to offer for their work. If you want a print in a media that is not offered, please let us know and we will make a request on your behalf. All work is offered by the artist and we operate at their direction.

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You can call us at 864-583-6835; or stop in our store at 108 Garner Road in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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