Video Tapes to DVD & MP4

You can have your VHS, SHS-C, 8mm, Super 8M and Mini DV video Tapes and some Mini DVD’s transferred to DVD or MP4.

Each DVD can hold up to 2 hours of video, If your total video length is longer than 2 hours, it will be split onto 2 DVD's and be billed as a new DVD. If your tapes are less than 2 hours, we could put up to 4 different videos on the same DVD, as long as you put them in the order you want, and each tape is less than 30 minutes. Some simple editing is allowed.

Video tapes transfer
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Use the order for above or bring your tapes in so we can evaluate and quote you accurately.

Sorry, we will not copy any copyrighted materials without written permission form the copyright holder. Federal law prohibits us from copying copyrighted videotapes and music without express written permission. Are your videotapes damaged? 

Video Tapes to DVD

 Are your videotapes damaged? We can make some minor repairs to them; Click Here to see our ”Video Tape Repairs” page.

We can even make copy slides, prints and negatives and save them on a DVD. Call us today for details, prices and turn around times: 864-583-6835.

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