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We recognize the historic and sentimental value of old photos, even if they are not that old. To that end we offer a whole host of services to scan, restore and find ways for you to print and use your old photos. We can retouch your current photos, or restore your old ones to their “almost new” luster. We can work from old prints, slides, negatives in black and white or color. Old photos behind glass are not a problem either; we can work with or without the glass in place. Damaged, torn, cracked * and old water damaged photos can be brought back to any level of restoration you desire**.


Price depends upon several factors including how large the photo or print is, how badly damaged and what level of restoration is required. Even if your photos are only slightly faded, we can do something to remove the colors or even restore them if the fading is not too bad. If you already have a digital file, we may be able to work with them, although on old photos we would prefer that you allow us to make a high resolution scan on our equipment so we can get the most out of the image. All scans, digitizing, CD, DVD or storage is an additional charge.




Retouching: Price ranges from $9.99 to $99.99 and up depending on level of work needed.


* Most jobs only take a week to 10 days to complete.


** Some photos are so badly damaged that facial or other important details are lost and cannot be restored in a cost efficient manner. Please bring in you photos for a quote. Any quotes given are only good for 10 days.





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