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Looking for something that nobody else seems to have?

We have hundreds of items in inventory that are not linked to the shopping cart. You can purchase these items by calling us at 864-699-9333 or 864-583-6835 or email your inquiries to

These items are in limited supply as some of the manufacturers have discontinued, no longer make these items, or have gone out of business entirely. We cannot guarantee the items listed here are in stock, so please call first to find out availability. Unless listed in the used section, all items are new, but because of the age they may be a little shop worn, having been on the shelf or in a display case. Some items are very old, and may look it; faded or worn packages. All are in working condition and may even be on display so they are usually in new to very good condition and functional. All would have the manufacturers warranty as it pertains to each item, if still available.


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