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Professional printing from professional photographers, for over 30 years.

Professional printing from professional photographers,
for over 30 years.

We accept most current digital media formats and some old ones too! Cell phones, iPhones are acceptable as well. Bring us your DVD's, CD's, Memory cards, Jumpdrives, and more... we can work from them.

Professional printing from professional photographers,
for over 30 years.

We can make many different print sizes directly from your digital media. Downloading is simple and quick on our in store Kiosks. We can also convert your old CD's, floppy's, and other digital storage media to the current DVD and SDXC media standards.

Create your own composite pictures and let us print them for you. Sizes can range up to 30 inches wide by however long you decide. As long as you can compose them and save them to a disk, we can print them.(if applicable) and clean and check film cameras in the store.

Prints from Digital Files


Can I make prints from my camera or cell phone in the store?

Yes, we have 3 large screen ordering kiosks that will allow you to enter print orders, books, jewelry, mugs, gifts and enlargements. The Kiosk software is the same interface as what is on our website, so once you see it done in the store, you can do it from home too! Click here to get started!

What is the largest size I can get from my camera?

Size is always relative. Today’s modern digital cameras are usually at least 10 to 20 Mega pixels or more. This is enough to make 20x30 to 40x60 prints and anything smaller with little problem. Digital prints from iPhones, smart phones and flip phones will still depend upon the size of the phone and recorded resolution. If you don't mind a lack of sharpness or details, or smooth lines we can print almost any size you want to 30x40 inches. For the largest print possible, use the highest quality camera setting with the least amount of compression. There is an automatic warning on the kiosks and website if the print size is not going to be acceptable from the file you have, so don’t worry about it.

Why aren't my digital pictures 4x6 size?

We always print your pictures full frame or 3:2 ratio, unless cropping is requested. Since there is a difference in the aspect ratios from the many digital cameras versus film cameras there are going to be different sizes. If set your camera for 35mm or 3:2 format, or if you resize your digital prints to be 4x6 at 300DPI then there will never be a problem. HD format 16:9 is more rectangular than a standard 4x6 so some of the photo will be cut off the sides; while many point and shoot or 4/3 format cameras are a 4:3 ratio, so the top and bottom will be cropped off. And the smart phones also have their own formats along with Instagram 4x4 prints. Some cameras are 4x5.33 size

Can I order mounted enlargements?

Yes, there is a selection for ordering prints already mounted to white foam core mat boards. It is available in sizes from 8x10 to 24x36. It generally takes about 3 working days to complete. Our foam core has 2 very durable Styrene layers with lightweight foam in the middle. This foam core is less likely to get dinged corners and bend as easily as paper based foam core.

Can I order other mounted sizes?

Yes, though all sizes and variations are not offered on the kiosks or website just yet. You can place the order for the size print you want and let us know in the notes section what type of mounting options you would like applied to your prints.

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