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FAQ's About Film

Why does my film have to be scanned before it can be printed?

-All printing at Spartan Photo Center is done digitally to ensure the highest level of quality in all of our products. Because the printing is done digitally, negatives must be digitally scanned.


How do I mail you my film?

-You can find mail-in order forms for your film on the pages for film processing and film scanning.


How do I pay for my order?

-When filling out the mail-in order form, simply complete the debit/credit card information section. If you provide your card information, we will always call you to inform you of any changes to your total. Though we accept checks, we ask that you avoid paying this way when it comes to film processing, as it is rarely made in the correct amount due to blank rolls, unknown number of prints, shipping, scanning charges, etc.


Do I have to pay for a blank roll?

-Because we receive so many blank rolls, often found in old homes, closets, attics, etc., we are no longer able to process them for free. We don't print any unexposed frames, so we won't print (or charge you for) blank photos if your film doesn't turn out, and you can choose to not have your film shipped back to you. However, the film processing fee must be paid, even if the film was unexposed.


Do I get my negatives back?

-Unlike many drugstores, we will return your film with every order. Negatives from processing will be returned in cut 4-frame strips, but you can choose to leave your role uncut by specifying that in the "additional comments" section of our order form.


Can I get a digital copy of my film?

-We offer data discs, flash drives, and Dropboxing as a way to provide digital copies of your film. You can find these options and pricing on the mail-in order form for your item.


My film is old/damaged - can it be repaired?

-After film has been damaged by time, the elements, lack of care, etc., it is often impossible to repair without further damaging the quality of the negative. However, we do offer digital restoration of damaged photos. Pricing cannot be quoted until we have received your film, as it is determined by the severity of the damage. It is important to note that some film cannot be restored, most often due to improper storage or severe heat damage.


Why does it take longer to develop black and white film?

-Unlike color film, which can be processed by machine, black and white film is a very unique format. Though there are some other methods of processing, we don't take any shortcuts, so every roll of black and white film is processed by hand. This ensures that the final result is the highest quality, and adds a little bit of wait time to your order.


What film do you process?

-We process C-41 and Black and White: 35mm, 35mm half-frame, 110mm, 120mm, 126mm, 127mm, 220mm, and 620mm film. We also process Kodachrome and C-22 film, but they must be processed as black and white due to the unavailability/outlawing of the original processing chemicals.

-We do not process: E-6 slide film, sheet film, glass plate, disc film, or Seattle Film Works. However, do scan and print from all above film types.


Can you process old movie film?

-Although we offer analog to digital conversion of VHS tapes, VHS mini-cassettes, 8mm, and 16mm film, we are not able to process reel-to-reel film






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