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We are always looking for creative, motivated individuals. If you are interested in working with us, please print this application and apply in person. Bring your resume, portfolio or any work that you would like to show us.

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Help Wanted: Bookkeeper

Keep up with vendor price and product changes, monthly instant rebate programs, updating sales people and completing applications

Input purchases, reconcile packing slips and invoices or credits and create monthly purchase orders, while pulling in special requests in a timely manner

Check on backorders and maintaining supply flow

Generate payment schedules for the different vendors and various due dates
Generate reports for the various departments and contribute to monthly status meetings.

If you are organized, and an organizer, this will be of great help to us. It would be good if you could also function as an executive assistant, keeping up with various schedules, project timelines and monthly deadlines. If you are the right person for this position, we will eventually need to hire someone to do the things that your shouldn't be doing to allow us to grow our team.

This position starts as a part-time bookkeeper. The right person will grow into this position taking it to full time and leaving it to move to a higher position.

Job requirements: You do not have to be a photographer, been published or have any experience as a photo finisher; but it could help understand the nature of the concepts of this business.

You need to be highly organized and well informed. You should be careful, detail oriented and able to follow through with various tasks. Checking yourself and others work for errors is required. Your skills in writing, speaking and computer use will extend into the photography and retails world, so you will need to learn the vocabulary and concepts.

You must have:
  • 1. The desire to make the business grow.
  • 2. The ability to analyze to cut costs, redundancy and frivolous expenditures.
  • 3. At least 3 years of work experience
  • 4. Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • 5. A High degree of comfort with Intuit products like QuickBooks products, Excel and Google Docs/Office.
You must have:
  • 1. A background as a book keeper or executive assistant
  • 2. A degree in book keeping
  • 3. Experience and references in book keeping or accounting

Please don't apply for this job if your primary goal is to become a photographer or start and run your own photo or web based business. To do this job you must be committed to being a bookkeeper/assistant with a mind toward helping the various departments grow, work to cut costs and find errors in systems or processes that reduce our collective efficiency.

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