Dry Mounting Photos

Pictures that stand out on their own!

We have several mounting options available

When framing, your photos will look the best when dry mounted. They will be flat and not wavy in the frame, and if the glass is not allowed to touch the print there is no chance of the picture and the glass sticking to each other over time.

White CodaFoam ™

Much like regular foam core, the CodaFoam TM is lightweight foam but it is encased in styrene. The styrene backing is much more durable and you will find the corners do not bend and deform as easily are paper foam core boards. The CodaFoam is also water proof. The photos will not come off the board with water, and the styrene and foam are impervious to water. The only thing to worry about is your print.

Dry Mounting Photos
Gator Foam Boards

We can dry mount onto 3/8 and ½ inch thick black interior Gator Foam. These boards are extra strong and thicker than regular foam or mat boards.

They are extra durable and like CodaFoam are water resistant. A good choice for mounting any photos whether framed or not.

Masonite Hardboard

We can mount paper prints or canvas to Masonite hardboards. This is a traditional type of mount that has always been popular with portrait artists. The hardboard is very rigid and easily frames. It almost never warps or cracks, unless wet or bent. Very stable media for framed photos to be displayed on when framed.

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