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Memory Card Data Recovery

Don't let your important digital pictures files get lost, accidentally erased, formatted or corrupted. We can restore and recover up to 90% of your digital camera pictures and save them to a CD's or DVD's.

What can we recover?

Almost any original digital camera files. A full listing of the files we can recover is listed below. We can recover from almost any Compact Flash, CF UDMA, Smart Media, SD & SDHC, MMC, xD, CF, Memory stick and even floppy disks and unscratched DVD or CD's.

What can't we recover?

Files that are not listed below. Some files that have been transferred back onto the card, or files that were on the card and were copied over by other pictures or files.

Data recovery order form and prices
Data Recovery Services

How long does it take?

Typically overnight to 5 working days depending upon the card size, and the complexity of the files.

Why can't you recover all the pictures on my card?

We would like to give you the most usable pictures available, but sometimes whatever has caused the memory card to lose the pictures will damage them beyond what we can recover. Not every card, or picture is recoverable, but we can generally get at least 95% of the original files that were on your card back to you.

How much does it cost?

Prices from $ 19.99 to over $300.00, depending upon the size of the card, whether it is a hard drive or if there are other issues with the function of the device. Bring it in and we can give you a firm quote, once we know what we are dealing with

Where do I send or bring my card?

Spartan Photo Center, Inc.
108 Garner Rd
Spartanburg, SC

Notice: We are not responsible for any damages, consequential or incidental, fees or injury for files or cards that cannot be recovered by us. By sending us your card to recover you acknowledge that the card suffered a catastrophic event that rendered it unusable to you. We are simply offering our labor and expertise to you in an attempt to help you reduce or recover from your loss, but we are no way responsible for the actual loss itself. We are not responsible for cards or CD's that are lost in the mail, parcel post or any other shipping means. Insure your packages

*Return Shipping is not included in these prices; please add at least $ 7.50 to any payments made by check or money order to cover shipping.

Recoverable Files

Picture & graphics formats

3d Studio Max ( .max)
Adobe Indesign file ( .indd)
Adobe Photoshop ( .psd)
AutoCAD Drawing file ( .dwg)
AutoCad DX File ( .dxf)
Bentley Microstation v7 Drawing ( .dgn)
Bentley MicroStation v8 Drawing ( .dgn)
Bitmap ( .bmp)
Canon Raw graphics file ( .crw)
COREL Draw file ( .cdr)
DesignCAD file ( .dcd)
Encapsulated Postscript file ( .eps)
Enhanced Metafile ( .emf)
FormZ Document ( .fmz .fzb)
Freehand 10 ( .fh10 .fh11)
Freehand 7 to 9 ( .fh7 .fh8 .fh9)
Picture & graphics formatsFuji Camera Raw ( .raf)
GIFgraphics file ( .gif)
GIS ShapeFiles ( .shp)
GUE Map file ( .gue .gmp)
JPEG 2000 ( .jp2)
JPEG Digital Camera file [EXIF format] ( .jpg .jpeg))

Microsoft Publisher Document ( .pub .puz)
Microsoft Visio Drawing( .vsd .vss .vst)
JPEG Standard Graphics file [JFIF format] ( .jpg .jpeg)
Lightwave object ( .lwo)
Lightwave scene ( .lws)
MapSource 1 file ( .gdb)
Maya 3D file ( .mb)
Microsoft Photodraw ( .mix)
Paintbrush file ( .pcx .scr)
PaintShop Pro ( .psp)
PaperPort ( .max)
PNG Graphics file ( .png)
Portable Graphics Map( .ppm .pgm .pbm)
QuarkXPress file( .qxp .qxd .qxb .qxl .qpt)
QuickCAD ( .cad)
ShockWave Flash ( .swf)
SmartDraw file ( .sdr .sdt)
SwishMax ( .swi)
Thumbnail ( .db)
TIFF Graphics file ( .tif .tiff .epx .nef)
TurboCAD for Windows ( .tcw)
Windows Metafile ( .wmf)
XARA Graphic file ( .xar)

Adobe PageMaker ( .pmd .p65)
Adobe Premier Project ( .ppj)
Avery DesignPro ( .zdp)
Casio Disk Title ( .ctw)
CoolPage ( .cpg)
Corel Presentation File ( .shw)
Crystal Reports ( .rpt)
Diablo2 Save ( .d2s)
Etax file ( .efx)
Family TreeMaker ( .ftw)
FamilySearch file ( .paf)
Final Draft ( .fdr .fdt)
Final Fantasy 7 ( .ff7)
Font file ( .fon)
Fudemane ( .fwa)
Fudeou ( .fzd)
Help ( .hlp)
HotDocs ( .hfd)
HTML Documents ( .htm .html .shtml .phtml .php)
Ichitaro Document ( .jtd)
InteractWeb Reports ( .rpt)
Label Mighty ( .jlb)
Lotus 123 ( .wk1 .wk2 .wk3 .wk4 .wks .fm3 .wb1 .123)
Lotus WordPro file ( .lwp)
Mapsource 2 file ( .mps)
Microsoft Excel Worksheet ( .xls .xla .xlt)
Microsoft OneNote file ( .one)
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation ( .ppt)
Microsoft Project ( .mpp)

Microsoft Word Document ( .doc .dot .asd)
Microsoft Write/WordPad ( .wri)
MS Works 4 Database ( .wdb)
MS Works 4 Document ( .wps)
MS Works Spreadsheet ( .wks)
PDF document ( .pdf .ai)
PrintMaster ( .hcr .biz)
QuattroPro 7 File ( .qpw)
Rich Text Document ( .rtf)
SureThing CD Labeler ( .dsn .std)
Text (Shift JIS)
Documents Text (UTF-16)
Documents Text Documents ( .txt)
TrueType Font file ( .ttf)
Unknown OLE ( .$$$)
VI data ( .vi)
Windows Link ( .lnk)
WordPerfect 6 to 10( .wpd .wcm .wpt)
WordPerfect Documents andGraphics v8 ( .wpg)
XML Documents( .xml .xsl .svg .xms)

Archive formats
Cabinet compression file ( .cab)
GZIP compression file ( .gz .gzip)
LZH compression file ( .lzh)
Miliki Super Compression ( .qcf)
MS Backup File ( .bkf)
RAR compression file ( .rar)
Restrospect File ( .rfb .rdb)
TAR archive file ( .tar)
Zip compression file ( .zip .jar .afz)
Multimedia ASF, WMA, WMV
Multimedia file ( .asf .wma .wmv .asx)
Audio Interchange file ( .aif .aiff)
AVI Multimedia file ( .avi)
CakeWalk Pro ( .cwp)
Digital Speech File ( .dss)
Digital Voice File ( .dvf)
Finale Music file ( .mus .fan)
Flash ( .fla)

Fruity Loops file ( .flp)
iTunes audio file ( .m4a .m4b)
Jet Voice File ( .sc4)
Kaydara FBX Binary ( .fbx)
Logic Audio ( .lso)
MOV Multimedia file (Quicktime)
( .mov .mp4)MP3 Music file( .mp .mp1 .mp2 .mp3)
MPEG Multimedia file( .mpg .mpeg .m1v .vro)
Musical Instrument DigitalInterface file ( .mid .midi)
Ogg Vorbis/Media ( .ogg .ogm)
RealAudio file ( .ra .ram .rm)
RIFF Multimedia file( .rif .riff .avi .cdr .npr)
Sibelius Music file ( .sib .lib)
WAVE Multimedia file ( .wav)

E-mail files
Email ( .eml .mbx .bkl .bks .bmf)
Internet Favorites ( .url)Lotus Notes ( .nsf)
Outlook Address file ( .wab)\

Outlook Email file ( .pst .pab)
Outlook Express Email file ( .dbx)
Outlook MSG ( .msg)

Databases and financial files
Access Database ( .mdb)
Access Project ( .adp)
Ancenstry Family Tree ( .aft)
CanTax T1 Personal( .p96 .p97 .p98 .p99 .p00 .p01 .p02 .p03 .p04 .p05 .p06 .p07)
CanTax T2 Corporate( .c96 .c97 .c98 .c99 .c00 .c01 .c02 .c03 .c04 .c05 .c06 .c07)
DBase-FoxPro Database file ( .dbf .scx .dbc)
EndNote ( .enl)
FLG File ( .flg)
FoxPro Executable ( .fxp)
Interbase Backup ( .gbk)
Interbase Database ( .gdb)
Lacerte Tax ( .mdx)
Lacerte Tax Individual( .id0 .id9 .sd0 .sd9 .pd0 .pd9 .fd0 .fd9)
Microsoft Money ( .mny)
MS-SQL Server Database ( .mdf)

MS-SQL Server Log ( .ldf)
MYOB Data ( .dat .prm .pls)
Omnis Database file( .df1 .lbr .ohf .lbs)
Quickbooks Backup file ( .qbb)
Quickbooks QBW file ( .qbw)
Quicken QDF file ( .qdf)
QuickTax file( .q99 .q00 .q01 .q02 .q03 .q04)
SAS ASCII Data File ( .sas)
SAS Binary Data file( .sas7bdat;sd2)
SPSS ( .sav)
TaxAct ( .ta5)
TaxCut file (2000-3)
( .t00 .t01 .t02 .t03)
TurboTax file ( .tax)

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