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Camera Repairs

Is your camera gear in need of some attention?

We can send off most major camera brands for repair or service. 


You can bring your digital or film cameras for us to evaluate for repair. Many of the old classic digital or film cameras, manual focus and antique cameras and lenses can be repaired. The only problems are parts, availability and cost. We charge $25 shipping fee when the camera is dropped off, and we will try to give you an estimate at that time. Estimates can and do change once the technician determines the problem and what parts and labor are required.

  • Often the cost of repair can exceed the replacement cost of buying the same model as a used camera. If you paid less than $200 on the camera new, it may not be worth fixing. This is where the personal/emotional or nostalgic value is the primary consideration. We can help you evaluate the pros and cons of having the camera repaired.
  • Not all old cameras are repairable because the parts are no longer available - even from scavenged parts. In some cases the technology to make those parts was replaced with something so completely different the necessary parts cannot even be made now. But if the meter is out of adjustment or the parts can be scavenged from another old camera then even the antiques can be repaired.


We can clean the digital sensors, perform micro adjustments on lenses (if applicable) and clean and check film cameras in the store.


We cannot give quotes over the phone since there are several factors to look into when inspecting cameras for repair. Repairs can average 6 weeks or longer if parts are not available.


Are you missing parts from your tripod or head?

We stock a wide range of parts for tripods. We have several websites that have hundreds of parts available for tripod and head repairs.

  • is where you will find the largest selection of Manfrotto repair parts east of the Mississippi! We are constantly adding to our selection. Find the parts by model number or search by items. Need help? We also repair every model listed on this website.

  • has parts available for the old Bogen brand of tripods, heads and monopods. You can look up your tripod by the model and

    see photos of the parts you may need. Since this brand has not been made in over

    10 years, not all parts are available new. Because of that reason we keep a selection of used parts around.


  • has just the quick release plate that attaches the camera to the tripod. Search by brand and model for over 2000 different tripods.




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