Top 5 Photo Gifts under $15.00


#1 Utility over beauty.  This may look like a makeup brush, but I don’t know too many photographers using a LensPen for make up.  The Lens pen has a large brush for removing large debris. The flat end is actually slightly concave to march the curve of a lens to better clean it of finger prints and watermarks.  Not the most beautiful of gifts, but useful every time you pull out your lens.  Clean the front and back side every time you change your lens.  Click here for LensPen


rainsleeve#2 Function over form.  This practical little plastic bag is nothing to look at, but you’ll be glad you have one or two in your camera bag when you go out and it starts raining.  One of  my favorite photographers always said to shoot in the best light you need to get it just before or just after a storm.  Sometimes you’re going to get a little wet waiting for the rain to stop/start!  Sold as a 2 pack, and in three different sizes. Click here for Rainsleeve




Hot Shoe Bubble Level

#3 She won’t be impressed by this crystal block, but you’ll line up your life with it (temporarily)

A hot shoe level is not sexy, glamorous or all that impressive, but it is all you can think about until you level your tripod. A level tripod brings your world in to harmony and parallels the universe as shown in your panoramic photos and landscapes.  I call mine bubble level: Ansel. Click Here for Your Own




#4 Grey, white and black cards are duller than dirt, but they are great for quick calibration of the exposure or white balance while you are out on a shoot.  This set comes on a lanyard, so you can keep it handy around your neck while you’re shooting; they’re also shirt pocket sized if you’d rather keep them there!

Click Here for Digital Exposure Set.




7232#5 Heavy duty mobile phone mount – allows you to attach your mobile device to tripods, boom arms, light stands monopods etc -anything with a 1/4 standard screw.  This mount is adjustable and easily accommodates most phones (doe not work with iPads or Phablets)  Click here For More







Good gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive, it has to be good.











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