Review: The New Instax SQ10

Today I got to test out the new Instax SQ10 Square camera. I had no idea there was even a new one coming out, so I was quite surprised to know that we already have it in stock! At Spartan Photo Center, we love to test new products, so I grabbed a pack of film from the shelf and got to work! It wasn’t long before I figured out all the adjustable settings & quickly learned my likes & dislikes about the camera.

I was most excited about the new square format frames, because they look like a mini Polaroid picture! Although I can’t compare the prints to real Polaroids because of the nostalgia, this camera is still pretty cool!


The biggest difference about this camera compared to other Instax cameras is that it’s digital. Which is something we haven’t seen yet; a digital camera that can print instant photos. The body of the camera is designed square and operates like the Instax Mini 8 but on the back of the SQ10 camera it has a LCD monitor, & a digital dial operation.

Here is a list of its features:

  • Square format 1:1
  • Flash control options
  • Shooting modes: standard, bulb, double exposure
  • 10 filters
  • Brightness & vignette controls
  • Dual shutter button
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Holds up to 50 images using the internal memory
  • Takes a micro SD card (optional)
  • Can print thumbnail prints from the playback mode, up to 9 thumbnails
  • Option to add date stamp
  • You get to choose which photos to print, instead of automatic printing

There are features that I both like & dislike, for different reasons. While I really enjoy that you have control over which images you want to print & which images you want to trash, I don’t like how much control it gives you. It seems like it is way too much for me. I am an analog person; I shoot primarily film for several reasons. One reason is because it forces you to be completely engaged with the camera, & your subject (which I prefer). You have a limited amount of frames, & so it teaches you to really be in the moment. I think that the double exposure mode is neat, it allows you to take your first image & then that image stays on the screen while you line up your second exposure. However, I prefer to shoot double or multiple exposures using only my mind to compose & having the result be unpredictable. My favorite feature with this camera is that you have the option of adding a date stamp on your prints; I think it’s awesome!

Overall, this camera is really new & fun. Come check it out!