South Carolina’s Largest Photography Store

 With 4400 square feet of photographic supplies, camera gear, photo finishing, and gifting products

Spartan Photo Center, Inc. now has the distinction of being South Carolina’s largest camera store.


     As more and more small photography stores close their doors, Spartan Photo Center remains a vital part of the photography industry in South Carolina; providing printing services, cameras, studio equipment, and education in the field. We not only provide the goods photographers need to help their businesses thrive, we also form a support group to help fellow photographers network and work together to achieve their goals.  Professionals and non-professionals alike walk through our doors every day. We do our best to serve their needs based on where they are at that moment, whether they are using top of the line gear or simply their phone.

     Our 4400 square foot building is packed with all the goodies and tools a photo enthusiast could want. From tripods to DSLR cameras, point and shoots to telephoto lenses, we have what beginners and pros need, along with some of the best people you could meet in town. Our staff strives to make your experience engaging, fun, informative, and easy. We want you to succeed and get the results you want. We are here to serve the photo community.

Spartan Photo Center provides valuable services that you can’t find anywhere else in the Upstate. You can find rentals, sensor cleaning, VHS to DVD transfer, photo restoration, video editing, tripod repair, and now we have added a new line of photo gifts to our array of printing services.  We are so excited to introduce gifts such as custom photo mugs, iPhone cases, T-shirts, and iPad cases.

We operate several websites to help you.  The first is our namesake:  This site show many of the products and services that we offer.  Plus you can order photos, canvas prints, metal, mugs T-shirts etc from this site.

The next are very esoteric in nature: is just for finding and replacing  quick release plates on tripods.  We support several hundred different tripods and about 80+ brands. and are just parts support sites for Manfrotto and Bogen tripods, heads and monopods.  We stock over 1800 individual parts for these brands of tripods alone.

If you are looking for something, anything photographic, I’m sure we can help.

Thank you so much to our customers who have helped us along the way, and have continued to be faithful patrons. We are so glad to be a part of your community, and look forward to another year. Happy New Year!