The Sony A9, Available for Rent Today!

At $4,500, the Sony a9 is a beast of a camera, and a review from DXOmark, an image quality company, states that its sensor is “one of the best we’ve tested… with consistently good scores for dynamic range and color depth, and exceptional results for noise.”  For comparison, both the Canon 1DX-Mk. II and the Nikon D5 received a DXOmark score of 88/100.  The Sony a9?  A four-point increase at 92/100.

A PetaPixel article addresses the fact that the a9 has even dedicated professionals “jumping ship from Nikon and Canon  DSLRs to… Sony gear.”

But there’s one huge issue: the cost.  Not everyone can afford to hand over $4,500 (plus lenses,)  But there is a bright side – The Sony a9 is available for rent at Spartan Photo Center for competitive and reasonable daily and weekly rates.  Want to try it before you buy it?  At Spartan Photo Center, the rental cost of any item is subtracted from your purchase of the same item within 10 days.

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