Preservation of Movie Films

moviesfilmWe all (all of us over 30) probably have home movies shot on film.  These were great in  the day and now are some of the most easily lost forms of photography.  Who still has and uses a projector?  Projector parts are hard to come by, plus many a customer has told me tails of a projector that is missing the all important heat absorbing glass or film gets stuck halfway through a movie and burns up a perfectly good section of movie.  What with the equipment being so very specialized now, and parts harder to get it won’t be much longer and movie films will be obsolete and unable to be viewed or copied in a reasonable or practical fashion.

Think about it.  They may not have been shot by you but they are still your family and a part of your history.  How many times we’ve heard that you look like so and so,  movies are a glimpse in to those who came before.

Those people with Alzheimer’s, Leuey body or other forms dementia often can often remember specific times past, but not more recent times.  They are often comforted, made human again, by seeing family members and themselves as they remember themselves.  Their self image is little changed internally, but they are frustrated by what they have become, what they have lost and at some level what they know they have lost.

Any movie or old photograph is an invaluable piece of time that should be preserved, cataloged with who you know is there and find out from those who are in it, what was going on, what the fun or yes even the bad thing that they remember. Personal history is a huge part of what makes us people.

Like of photos, old movie film degrades over time and should be copied to a DVD if nothing else to preserve the images.  Sound is possible to be captured as well,if we know and the equipment is still around.  If you have silent movies we can let you use our sound recorder.  You can narrate what you want over the movies and we will dub it onto your home movies, so they don’t have to be silent any longer.  That is an evening you will never forget, because just getting everybody around is like a family reunion, and reliving and retelling the happenings of a movie ios priceless.

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