New Rental Lenses in July 2018

Announcing new Tamron Lenses for rent.

15-30 f2.8 for Canon EOS and Nikon AF mounts (technical specs from our website).  This is a super fast f2.8  (constant aperture lens) with 15 to 30mm wide angle ability.  This should be your forth lens in your camera bag, even if just as backup.  Because it is wider than the normal wide range you get  more area in the picture with out having to back up.  Sharpness is great and it is fully compatible with the Nikon and Canon cameras.

18-400mm f3.5-6.3 is the next one; tech specs form our website are here.  You may ask why rent this one? It is not that expensive as compared to some lenses, and you’d use it a lot; to which it would be better to just buy it.  And, you are right.  It is the, hands-down favorite for an all in one lens.  You should rent it, to “try it before you buy it.”  Yes we do that with our rental gear. “Try it before you buy it” – is available on all the rental gear.  You rent the item to try, paying standard rental prices (weekend discounts apply), and it you like it and buy the same item with in 30 days of the rental, we will take the rental fee off the cost of the new gear.  Conditions apply, see below**

The 150-600mm G2 lens is the latest in our line.  See info on our website.  Super powerful, easy to use, and still fairly light weight, considering the size.  It could be hand held, but we don’t recommend it, because it is large and a tripod, with a gimbal head is recommended for best use practices.  It is still easy to hike in with and the 600mm is nothing to complain about.

You can find a whole listing for the rental gear, and reserve it online here!

** “Try before you buy” does not apply to the purchase of the gear you rented, or to any used gear, only new camera gear.  We do not “rent to own” or lease gear; and we only occasionally sell our rental gear.  “Try before you buy” applies to the last rental made, with in 30 days or less.  Rental of the same gear cannot be accumulated or added together.  “Try before you buy” does not apply to lost, damaged or stolen items.