Review: Lomo’Instant Automat Glass Magellan

I saw that we now rent the new Lomo’Instant Automat Glass Magellan camera. I asked if I could test it out and Mike said I could and that I had to write a review. This is one of the newer bodies that Lomography has produced for the Fuji Instax Mini film. I decided to see how it could possibly out preform my Hello Kitty instant mini camera. Beyond the sleek packaging this camera has a lot to offer in terms of capability. It allows for more creativity with its multi exposure feature, letting you take as many exposures your heart desires, a bulb option for long exposure shots, exposurecontrol to let you darken or lighten your image, and my favorite feature the flash disabling function. Almost all other instant mini cameras use flash on all exposures with no ability to turn it off. The reason why I find this option so valuable is because I value the temperature of light, I want my sunsets to look orange and my bright skies to be blue.


After I tested out the flash/no flash feature I moved onto the double exposure option. It worked beautifully and the results were better than expected.

Next I tried out the accessories that were included with the kit. Specifically the macro lens option and via a happy accident I came up with one of my favorite ongoing series. Originally the macro lens is meant to be used for close up images but when I accidentally left it on to take a far away shot I received the most beautiful out of focus image that showed a lot yet revealed nothing. It reminded me of this technique I learned in art school when judging the composition and balance of a painting, cross your eyes. By gently doing so you have everything blurred out except for blocks of color. To me this looks like a memory at its final stages when the mind has decomposed its details into a blur. It also reminds me of how things look like when I’m tired beyond belief, when my mind doesn’t want to overwhelm me with information keeping only the most important elements; shape and color.

Beyond that the camera uses actual  glass in its lens that warrants sharper more detailed captures. With a high aperture of 4.5-the highest of any instant camera ever- it performs insanely well under low light conditions which again allow me to not use flash and really create color that is true to life.

By the way, this is a rental item that you can rent before you buy!  If you do rent it and then buy it with in 30 days, we will take the rental fee paid off the cost of the purchase. You can find it here, under the “Film Cameras”

This post was written by Celina.