Is Your Tripod Waterproof?

I saw a video for this tripod series and immediately asked myself, “Aren’t all tripods waterproof?”

No, they are not.  While we all take our tripods almost everywhere (and I admit that mine goes in the water often,) the standard tripod is not waterproof.  To be honest, it doesn’t generally matter if you are working in fresh water, or if you are obsessive-compulsive about rinsing the tripod inside and out after use in salty or brackish water.  Aluminum, it is often said, doesn’t tarnish or rust; however, that’s not really true.  Aluminum will oxidize or “rust” when exposed to salt water and other chemicals.  Carbon fiber is not safe from wear either.  Sand that is allowed inside the leg tubes will wear carbon fiber at three times the speed of aluminum.  As a result, we often see carbon fiber tripod in for repair, with tubes worn from the inside out by sand and grit. In addition, the leg locks on carbon fiber can oxidize since they are still made of metal.

There is only one series of tripod that I know of that are truly waterProof:  the Sirui W Series.

So what makes Sirui W-Series tripods so special?  For starters, there are O-ring seals at every leg locking joint that seals the legs from water and sand incursion. Key points are made of stainless steel and the legs are anodized aluminum for durability.    As a result, the unit is completely  waterproof until you get to the top of the leg.  (There’s also a breather hole at the top of the leg to allow air movement in the legs move without pressure building inside.)

In addition to being a tripod: One leg is removable and acts as a monopod when screwed to the center column.  The top of the center column is reversible so you can use the 3/16 screw to attach most heads, or reverse the screw to make it 1/4 size and attach smaller heads or cameras directly to the  center column.

  • Then there are the standard features:
    • Durable foam rubber shoulder pads
    • 3 position leg extenders so you can splay out the legs flat to the ground or independently for rugged terrain
    • Removable rubber feet that can be replaced with spikes
    • Big, chunky rubber grippers to tighten and loosen the legs
    • Heavy duty, solid construction for years of service

This may be the last tripod you ever buy.

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