Help Wanted… in Marketing


We are looking for a person to market our company in a way that is akin to the personality of our business. We market our business via email, social media, newspaper and radio along with other traditional media. We are looking for a full time marketing manager.

As our marketing manager you will oversee our various outlets:

  • Multiple Constant Contact email accounts.
  • Social media consisting of Facebook, Twitter, and multiple Instagram accounts; creating content on your own, with collaboration with the various departments and scheduling posts in advance.
  • Work with various vendors to integrate their media campaigns into our schedule
  • Plan and execute events several times a year.
  • Help plan monthly promotions with the various departments.
  • Help plan and produce printed media and ads for various uses.
  • Use customer data to “remarket” products in a continuous fashion.

The department heads will meet to plan out the marketing for regular events, special events and general marketing through out the year. We will bounce ideas off you; seek your input and creativity. The job is sure to grow and change; you will be expected to grow and change with it, finding new avenues to pursue.

Job requirements: You do not have to be a photographer, been published or have any experience as a photo finisher; but it could help understand the nature of the concepts of this business.

You need to be highly organized and well informed. You should be careful, detail oriented and able to follow through with various tasks. Your skills in writing, speaking and computer use will extend into the photography and retails world, so you will need to learn the vocabulary, concepts and be familiar with the product lines we sell. Your current background and marketing skills could be usefully applied to this task. We can help with training and manufacturers sales representatives being tasked to train on their lines.

You must have:

  1. The desire to make the business grow.
  2. Excellent written and spoken communication skills.
  3. A high degree of comfort using common desktop or web based marketing software.
  4. A demonstrated ability to produce content by yourself and with the input of the various departments.

You should also have at least one of the following:

  1. A robust social media presence
  2. A degree in a relevant academic field
  3. Experience in advertising, publishing or online marketing

Please don’t apply for this position if you plan on apprenticing with us so you can become a blogger, vlogger, website retailer or emarketer etc on your own. To do this job well, you must actually want to be the creative force moving this business forward first and foremost.

If this is what you are seeking, stop in and see us to find out if we are a good fit. Click Here for our application.