Flying with a DSLR: Tips and Tricks

Summertime is here!

This means that family vacations, retreats, and trips are approaching quickly for most. However, that also means dealing with… ~airports~.

Thankfully, your pals at Spartan Photo Center have been doing some research in order to give out a few tips on traveling by airplane with your trusty DSLR camera. Thanks to the TSA for making their rules and regulations available online for the public, we now have a clear (as clear as TSA allows, that is!) idea of what is yay and what is nay in the world of airport security.

For starters, let’s go over the logistics of packing your camera body and lens(es)… You will want to pack them tightly and SECURELY, and in a compact bag with plenty of cushion for protection. TSA recommends that if you are going to fly with your camera, to make sure to have it with your carry-on bags. This way it can go through the X-Rays with no problem; not to mention, they may ask you to turn it on for them for safety precautions. Since the chance of using your battery through bag check is high, we recommend traveling with extra batteries, too! Just be sure to pack them separately rather than loose and close together, as the contacts on the batteries could touch and potentially lose lifespan (or worse scenario, start a fire!) Listed below is a bag recommendation that meets all of these accommodations for flying… And Spartan Photo has them in stock!

CITYSCAPE Shoulder Bag in the color “Hazelnut Brown” by Pro[m]aster

Next, make sure that you pack your camera body and your lenses separately. The last thing you would want is for unintentional pressure or impact to cause harm to the internal functions of your camera, and this can be minimized by packing them in separate spaces. If you are planning to take photos while in line at the airport, make sure that you check the airport’s regulations on photography and videography at the security checkpoints. For some airports, there are no defined rules, while others prohibit videography or photography near the screening monitors for security purposes. For the most part, as long as you aren’t impeding the flow of traffic, you’ll be quite alright. If you are going to travel with your camera on you in the airport instead of packed away, you may want a secure camera strap, however. With the hustle and bustle that is the land of the terminals, bumping, pushing, and shoving aren’t uncommon. Here are a few suggestions for straps: 


Both of these straps, as well as MANY others can be found at Spartan Photo Center. The strap on the right is made by Pro[m]aster and it is the “Odyssey Strap” in size medium and the color is “Harvest Yellow”. The strap on the left is also made by Pro[m]aster, and it is the Contour Strap in black.

Lastly, do not worry about the X-Ray machine! It will not damage nor corrupt your SD card or CF card. Just make sure, unless asked, your camera remains on the off switch while in the process of getting to your flight through security! Make sure to pack plenty of SD cards, lens cleaning fluid (TSA size approved, of course!) and your favorite lens! Don’t stress about getting through security check with your DSLR camera! For more information, visit:

Happy shooting and safe travels!