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What do we do when things are all the same? How to jump start a project, change things up so life is not the same, the same, the same all the time.

Picture This: Photographing Spring Flowers

Spring is time for macro!

Spring is time for macro!

The month of May means sunny days and flowers in full bloom, but did you know that photographing flowers is often better when the sky is partly cloudy or overcast?  Bright and direct sunlight can sometimes overpower the flowers’ colors, creating a washed out and overexposed effect. 

When it comes to photographing flowers, your unique viewpoint plays an important role your final results.  You stand before a field in full bloom, and while it’s beautiful in your eyes, the ability to translate its majesty through the lens requires a few techniques and a bit of planning.

For example, instead of standing above the flowers, consider getting low and shooting from that vantage point. Don’t shoot right away, but instead, spend a few moments taking in the scenery and contemplating which parts of nature speak loudest.  Photographing from a lower point will allow you to better capture the details in the petals and the center, the small veins in the leaves and the slight change in hue in the bloom. Filling the frame whenever possible will add more grandeur to the image and experimenting with your perspective may lead you to uncover new ways of seeing nature – and sharing it with others.

Finally, consider how much of the background you would like to include in your images as this will affect which aperture you select.  Do you want the flower to fill the frame? If so, choose a large aperture. If you prefer more depth of field and want to include the background, choose a smaller aperture. Experiment with your settings to see how this impacts your overall composition. Which do you prefer? 

So, rush to the field to enjoy the scenery but take your time as you stand in the blooms and have fun with the options in front of you.  This is where your creativity reveals itself!

If you have questions about your camera, it’s use or macro photography call us and we can set up an appointment to teach you more.  864-583-6835


Dickens of a Christmas

Tuesday December 2nd, we will be at Dickens of a Christmas from 6 pm until 9 pm…Dickens-Logo copy

Bring a canned food or $5 donation and get your picture made with Santa, on Morgan  Square.  Donations of canned food will go to the Haven Homeless Shelter; cash donations will go to Healthy Smiles of Spartanburg.   All photos will be printed and available in 2 or 3 minutes.  Reprints will be available at Spartan Photo Center the following day.

OM-D E-M1Test DriveDon’t miss the Olympus Touch & Try Event – We will have a limited number of cameras available for you to borrow the night of Dickens and use that night.   Carlos, from Olympus, will be available to demonstrate and show you the best way to set up and use these cameras during Dickens.  After Dickens, on December 3rd, you can borrow the camera and keep it for a few days, to try it before you buy it!  Special deals and rebates apply to these cameras.

121304Also, Sign up for Michael Lamb’s Capturing a Dickens Of A Christmas downtown walk around.  Learn how to shoot photos in low light, at night, by street light and of holiday lights.  Michael and another instructor will be on hand to  demonstrate the be best techniques for night-time and Christmas light photos.   You will need to bring a tripod, cable release and we are limited to 12 people, so everybody gets the necessary attention.  Please sign up with Michael Lamb or call 583-6835 to register in advance.


Saturday Night Lights – Sports Shooting Class

Tonight is the last night to sign up for the Sports photography class to be held at the Kroc center in Greenville.  Photographer and instructor Michael Lamb is teaching this class on how to hand field sports in moderate to low light and artificial lights.  Click here for you last chance to sign up

The Class is 6:30 to 8:30 at the Kroc Center in Greenville.  The class costs $ 75.00 per person and will cover sports shooting, setting the camera correctly, white balance, ISO and other topics and menu settings that make Sports photography easier.