Dorm Decor- PRINT STYLE!

College season is fast approaching, and so is move-in day! While the whole process is super scary, daunting, exciting, exhausting, and over-all, pretty fun, you will start to miss some people or things you used to see/do every day. One way to feel super “at-home” in your dorm is to print your photos! Miss mom and dad? Well, you TOTALLY cannot tell them you miss … Continue reading Dorm Decor- PRINT STYLE!

Light and lighting terms you may not know

Here are a few lighting terms you should know: Kelvin – is the Color Temperature of the light.  The lower the K the redder the light, the higher the K the bluer the light.  Daylight from the sun is about 5500 degrees Kelvin.  Photographic daylight is usually considered from about 4800K to 6500K  this is partly due to the natural variation in colors the sun has … Continue reading Light and lighting terms you may not know

Top 3 “Christmas in July” Gifts

The beloved Christmas/Black Friday deals are budding and appearing in the world of retail, and we’re not lagging behind this year! The week of Monday, July 25th through Saturday, July 30th, Spartan Photo Center will be hosting Christmas in July! We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 gifts we think you absolutely cannot miss out on. The first thing on the list? ProMaster Mobile … Continue reading Top 3 “Christmas in July” Gifts

7 Indispensable Items You NEED On Your Vacation

Protecting your baby! ….. I mean, camera!  While you all gear up for that one special vacation you’ve been planning since 2010, double check your camera bag to be absolutely 100% positive you have EVERYTHING you’ll need. Spartan Photo Center has compiled a list of 7 items we believe you should not, and cannot go without! Item 1: Protective Lens Filter     You always think you’ll be … Continue reading 7 Indispensable Items You NEED On Your Vacation


Tips For Trips! Week 1

It’s Tips for Trips Thursday! This week’s tips are all things theme park! A year and a half ago, Courtney Slazinik brought her Tamron SP 24-70mm VC lens to Europe, and it proved so versatile that she decided it would be her go-to lens (and only lens) during a family vacation to Orlando’s Disney World. “We were making the trip down there from New Jersey … Continue reading Tips For Trips! Week 1

Why We Sell Promaster & The Promaster Life Time Warranty

We strongly believe in the ProMaster brand. So much so, that several of their products we feel are as good, no, better than the other brands available, including the original equipment manufacturers. Batteries.  All the ProMaster rechargeable lithium ion batteries that we sell have a life time warranty. If the battery ever fails, we will replace it. The only exceptions are abuse or misuse, dis … Continue reading Why We Sell Promaster & The Promaster Life Time Warranty

Film types from years back, and years ahead…

What kind of film formats are there? Historically they have been many, far too many to talk about here.  Right now (mid year 2015), the current films are 35mm, 120 and maybe APS then the instant formats like Fuji Instax, Instax Wide and Instax Mini.  Impossible is making film for Polaroid SX-70, 600 cameras and Spectra type.  The old peel apart film is mostly gone. So here … Continue reading Film types from years back, and years ahead…

We now make T-shirts

As we are always trying to improve our offerings, and since we are printers of photographs…We recently added the ability to print full 4 color photographs onto T-shirts. We are stocking white and black T’s, or we can order in just about any color T’s you are looking for. We can use your photos or designs or let our graphics artist design one to your … Continue reading We now make T-shirts

5 Things You Should Know About Rechargeable Batteries

1 – Rechargeable Batteries Don’t Last Forever Rechargeable batteries are a great, but like all things, they have a useful life.   There are several factors that effect a batteries long term performance.  The age of the battery, the number of charge/discharge cycles, and the storage conditions.  I’ve heard that if your battery lasts more than 30 months, then consider yourself lucky.  Chemically the Lithium-ion looses … Continue reading 5 Things You Should Know About Rechargeable Batteries

When Good Camera Cards Go Bad –

Protecting Your Images from Corruption Camera cards are trusted to hold and protect our precious photos but, in order to do this well, we need to do a few things to make sure they can do their job. Impatience Incorporates Errors:  Your digital camera media can be corrupted if the camera is turned off before the image is finished being written to the card. A … Continue reading When Good Camera Cards Go Bad –