New Christmas Ornaments for 2016

We have several new metal Christmas ornament designs available for Christmas 2016! Metal ornaments are great Christmas gifts for grandparents and family members. These ornaments last forever- make a metal ornament of your child’s baby pictures that they can show to their children. The classic metal designs are absolutely timeless, and some of our newer shapes are even festive snowflakes. We are now also offering … Continue reading New Christmas Ornaments for 2016

New PhotoLab Greeting Card Designs

5×7 Greeting Cards, New For 2016   Choose from single sided, double sided or folding cards. There are over 800 different designs that let you use one, two, three and more photos.  You can add text as well.  All cards include mailing envelopes. Easy to order? Yes, you can stop in the store and we’ll help you on the Kiosk, at home on your computer … Continue reading New PhotoLab Greeting Card Designs

How can I tell if my Polaroid camera is any good?

Just looking at it, sometimes the obvious will show it self.  If it looks broken, won’t open, has cracks – missing parts, then it probably isn’t working.  You can not get old Polaroid cameras repaired easily, Impossible-Project does repair and refurbish them.  But then most Polaroid cameras had to have film in them to work.  So a Polaroid camera without a film pack is useless. … Continue reading How can I tell if my Polaroid camera is any good?

New 5×5 Greeting Cards

New for the 2016 Holiday Season… Something a little bit different. 5×5 Greeting cards. If you are shooting and filtering you mobile phone photos using Instagram and like the results, you can share it with the “unconnected folks” in you life.  Send them a good old fashioned, snail mail greeting card with you photos on it.  These cards allow you to use 3 or 4 … Continue reading New 5×5 Greeting Cards

We are now stocking Radio Popper JR2 Triggers.

We are now stocking the complete line of Radio Poppers.  Stop in to see a demonstration! The RadioPopper Jr2  is on of our favorites.  It is small and simple to operate.  Features include: Easy to Use Extremely Reliable Basic Triggering Remote Power Adjustment 4 Groups, Stop Accurate 4 Memory Locations 1,500′ Range In addition, this unit can be made to fire the camera remotely, while … Continue reading We are now stocking Radio Popper JR2 Triggers.

Instax vs. Polaroid

If you think you haven’t seen one of the Fuji Instax cameras, whether it be prints, or the film camera itself, we’re betting you have. Except, they were probably referred to as “Polaroid” cameras. The Fuji Instax instant film cameras are not actually “Polaroid” cameras. However, today, it is the common misconception of many people that any camera that takes a photo and prints instantly, … Continue reading Instax vs. Polaroid


What IS the “Gather Box?”

What the heck is this Gather Box Spartan Photo Center has been talking about?? Well, we’re glad you asked!  The Gather Box is part of our “Digitize to Share BUT Print to Preserve” campaign! With this box, you may put in negatives, slides, printed photos, SD cards, CF cards; or video tapes and movie reels- you name it, and have them digitized and organized. The Gather box is offered … Continue reading What IS the “Gather Box?”

Did You Miss the App Release Party? Here’s How it Works!

Spartan Photo Center has a NEW APP! In case you weren’t able to make it to our release party, here’s what you should know. Blake was instrumental in making the new APP that allows you stay in touch with what is happening at our store. The APP is simple and yet surprisingly sophisticated. When you open it it shows the Contact Us screen that will … Continue reading Did You Miss the App Release Party? Here’s How it Works!

What do UHS-1 and UHS-2 Mean on my SD cards

The markings on memory cards can be confusing, especially since the introduction of UHS-2 cards to the market. Here is a quick primer on what these markings mean. A. The “number inside the ‘U’ marking is the UHS Speed Class. Having A UHS Speed Class 1 indicates a 10 MB/s minimum write speed, and a UHS Speed Class 3 indicates a 30MB/s minimum write speed. (It … Continue reading What do UHS-1 and UHS-2 Mean on my SD cards