Tamron Tailgate Tour

Tamron Tailgate Tour is Coming!

Tamron Tailgate Tour is Coming!

Tamron Tailgate Tour, April 25th, 2015 in the parking lot at SpartanPhotoCenter,inc, 108 Garner Road, Spartanburg

Come ​get ​inspired ​with ​Tamron’s ​Field ​Guide ​to ​Inspired ​Photography ​in ​this ​2-hour ​journey. ​Tamron’s ​Photographer ​Tech ​Team ​of ​professionals ​will ​walk ​you ​through ​the ​creative ​process ​of ​image-making ​by ​taking ​you ​to ​some ​of ​their ​favorite ​places ​to ​shoot, ​with ​detailed ​instruction ​along ​the ​way. ​We ​will ​explore ​how ​to ​analyze ​a ​scene ​and ​what ​it ​takes ​to ​capture ​a ​top-notch ​image ​as ​well ​as ​how ​to ​define ​your ​own ​style. ​This ​seminar ​is ​ideal ​for ​every ​type ​of ​photographer, ​from ​family ​photographers ​capturing ​their ​yearly ​vacation ​to ​the ​more ​serious ​photographers ​that ​don’t ​leave ​the ​house ​without ​their ​camera. ​

Event 12pm – 4pm    FREE Mini-seminars under the Tailgate Tent in specified location

12:00 – 12:45pm   Achieving Perfect Exposure
1:00 – 2:30pm   Portfolio and Image Review
3:00 – 3:45pm   Understanding Your Digital Darkroom

Sign up for “The Field Guide to Inspired Photography: See It, Capture It, Work It” 2-hour evening seminar with welcome bag only $25  Click to Register  ,  Click here for more details  or call 864-583-6835  all registrations must be online.


Also, stop in early for the Swap Meet.  We will have part of the parking lot blocked off for tables that can be rented to sell or trade your gear.  Click here for more details

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Free tripod tune Up, just in time for spring! March 14 to 21st!

Blogpost by Bas

Happy Monopod

We are going to be tuning up Bogen and Manfrotto tripods March 14th through March 21st, FREE of charge!

Let us check your tripod, head, or monopod before the spring shooting season kick starts! This is a great opportunity to make sure your gear is ready to go. We will test, clean and lubricate, and let you know if any repairs are needed. Any tripod, head, or monopod listed on our or websites can be repaired in-house.

We will not be charging labor for the tune ups on these days, only for any needed replacement parts and return shipping, if applicable. Gear sent to the manufacture for repair is not included. After March 22nd labor returns to standard cost starting at $25, make sure you take advantage!

Bring in or send your Manfrotto or old Bogen Tripod for tune up to:

SpartanPhotoCenter, inc
108 Garner Rd
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Our return shipping charges are $ 10.00 for 3001, 3021, 190 and 055 tripods to $25 for 3036, 475, 058 tripods.  No repairs are preformed without your approval.

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50% OFF Photo Calendars




From December 28th until January 17th, 2015.   All Photo Calendars are 50% OFF. Any design or quantity on our website.  Click here to see our selection and create one.

Plan now for a better start to 2015 by creating a custom photo calendar that’s all about memories. Personalize it for yourself or give them as gifts to family and friends.

Choose from a variety of styles and formats. From classic wall designs to trendy Instagram styles, a photo calendar is a smart way to stay on schedule all year long. Make one today!

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Nifty 50 or Jive 35?

50mm f1.8 lens

50mm f1.8 lens

At some point in our photographic careers, we all owned a “nifty 50” or now for the crop sensor camera a “really jive – 35” should be one of you primary prime lenses.  The reason for owning the 50mm (normal view in full frame format) or the 35mm (normal view in cropped sensor format) is the field of view approximates your normal vision with one eye closed; and the aperture of the lens has a very small f-number for great depth of field control.  The low f-number is important since it controls the amount of light entering the camera. Controlling the depth of field of the focus of the lens and by extension the amount of focus, or not, of the background.  Simply the smaller the f-number the less area of focus, the more the subject is not distracted by the background since the background may be completely out of focus.  Larger f-numbers will give you greater depth of field and so you have more area that appears in focus so the subject may be as sharp as the background and so not stand out as much as compared to what is around it.

Chritstmas TreeThe “Normal” prime lens is the one you want to keep in you bag for low light situations and  extreme focus control.

Prime lenses are not as versatile as zooms.  But zoom lenses cannot match the prime lens for depth of field control and low light capability.

Have questions, call us at 864-583-8635 or email us at

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Top 5 tips for Nighttime and Christmas lights – Expanded

  1. Stability is not hard to find

    Stability is not hard to find

    Use a tripod- It doesn’t have to be big, but that wouldn’t hurt.  A tripod is there to hold the camera wile you take long exposures.  This will make your photos sharper, and it allows you to pay more attention to the actual setting up shot.  If you don’t see the picture you want through the viewfinder, don’t push the button until you do.  Hoping for better pictures is always different than taking better pictures.  It takes a bit more time and care in each shot.

  2. Use a shutter release or cable to fire the camera remotely.  Not touching the camera to push the button means not shaking the camera as you take the picture.  Any shutter setting below 1/30th is near impossible to get tack sharp if you are hand holding it.
  3. 121304Set your ISO low, and your aperture small.  By small I mean the bigger aperture numbers like f11, f16 and f22 that are rally the small hole in the lens.  Of course you will have to be in Manual or Shutter priority (TineValue for Canon shooters) setting for all this to work.  You are wanting longer, slower shutter speeds so the aperture can give you greater depth of field, star bursts. Long shutter speeds will also mean thet movement will be blurred, so people walking by may not even appear in the picture at all! This is not a hard and fast rule though.  High ISO and f2.8 or f4 aperture will look completely different look than if you are  at f11, f16 or f22.  Higher ISO will also brighten up the whole scene.  And, using you flash with a long exposre will give you very different effects than you might expect.
  4. Chritstmas TreeDont take “nighttime” and Christmas light pictures at night!  The best time is just after sunset, while the sky still has a bit of light and is getting darker with each shot.  If is challenging to take these shots since you can redo them now, you have to wait for tomorrow.
  5. Take your time selecting the shot, use your flash, or not, change all the settings (in combination); change your white balance from AW to TUNG for a different look.  Don’t be afraid to experiment, a few bad shots are worth the few great shots you can get.

Stop in if you have any questions, or take a Michael Lamb class on how to get better photos.

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Holiday Hours -2014

Holiday hours 2014We will be open Monday through Saturday 9am to 6pm in December.  We will be available on Sundays, by appointment only.  

We will close early, at 1pm on Christmas eve, and remain closed Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  We will reopen on Monday the 29th.  

For New Years, we will be closed on the 1st.  We will be closed the 2nd and 3rd for inventory.  We will reopen January 5th regular hours. Monday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm; closed Sundays.

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Cyber Monday is Cyber Mug-day

MugsToday is Cyber Mug Day!

All 11 ounce photo mugs are $8.00,  the regular price is $11.99


Create a custom mug for yourself and everyone on your gift list with these special savings. But hurry, because this deal disappears at midnight tonight! 
Mugs are an easy gift for teachers, coaches, and family members. Photo mugs also make great stocking stuffers.  Simply fill with cookies, packets of hot cocoa or coffee, and your shopping is done! 
Customize an 11-ounce ceramic mug in a matter of minutes with one of our many designer templates featuring popular styles for one or more of your fave photos, including Instagram collages, seasonal, monograms, and others.
Click Here to . 



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Small Business Saturday is TODAY!!

SmallBizSatToday is small business Saturday.  Stop in to your favorite local store, restaurant or service provider and spend a little with them.  A healthy small business economy helps drive the local economy more than the big businesses do.  Big business is about big sales and profits that leave our town and county after the sale.   Other than the actual cost of operating the store (labor, utilities and rents, if the landord is even local) all of the rest of the money leaves to enrich another town in Arkansas, New York or Chicago.  For every $100 spent in out town an average of $68 will stay, and be circulate another 9 times.  This helps everybody here.

Think about your favorites:  Art and frame Gallery, La Taverna,  Local Hiker,  La Cuzina, Girly Girl, Paisley Paw… just to name a few.

Bring in a receipt from any of these store for $100 and we will give you a Free Custom Photo T-shirt or Photo Enlargement worth up to $25.00.  But you’ve gotta ask…



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Metal Mania – $16 Metal Prints

$16 for any 8×10 Metal Prints


Enjoy our lowest price of the year on 8×10 metal prints! Your photos are specially printed onto aluminum, giving them incredible detail and vibrant color.

When hung on a wall, metal prints use mounting blocks that make them appear to float off the surface. Or opt for the easel to stand the print upright on a desk or table as a piece of unique, modern art.

Choose from dozens of portrait and landscape layouts, including collage and seasonal styles. Click Here to create your designer decor with us today!

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Olympus Touch and Try Event – December 2nd through December 22nd

OM-D E-M10Test DriveDon’t miss the Olympus Touch & Try Event

We will have a limited number of E-M1 and E-M10 cameras available for you to borrow Tuesday December 2nd, the night of Dickens for use that night.   Carlos, from Olympus, will be available to demonstrate and show you the best way to set up and use these cameras during Dickens.  Cameras borrowed during Dickens will have to be returned during Dickens.

After Dickens, on December 3rd, you can come in, talk to Carols, get an in depth demonstration and borrow either an  E-M1 and E-M10 camera and keep it for a few days, to try it before you buy it!

Special deals and rebates apply to these cameras. Get $ 100 of an E-M10 kit and $ 200 off an E-M1 kit.  Buy additional lenses and get up to $ 800 off the entire outfit when combined on one purchase.  All of these deals end December 27th, and crazy deals like this don’t come around often.

Call us if you have questions 864-583-6835

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