Broken Filters

A broken filter looks horrible, and with the broken glass can be hazardous to remove.  Bring it to us and let us use the specialized tools and experience that we have to remove and replace the filter for you.  I have been in photography as a hobbyist, sales person and store owned for over 35 years (I started as a child, hence my young age now!).  A simple filter will do wonders for keeping your lenses clean and protected.

If you have a ProMaster HGX filter, the filter will provide greater protection and optical assistance to the lens than standard filters.  All ProMaster HGX filters have “Repellamax” coatings that resist scratching and coating.  I have taken a Sharpie Black marker to my HGX filters and the ink just balls up and wipes away.  No so easy on a plain glass filter; it takes a lot of effort to remove it from the plain glass or regular coated filter.  The HGX also have a lifetime, no fault warranty in our store.  We will replace any broken HGX filter with a new one, if it ever fails to function, for any reason. So if it gets cracked, scratched or broken, we will give you another one.  And we will remove it for you too.  Saves your fingers from getting cut.

While I have abused a few trying to get them to scratch or break, I can tell you that as compared to other lesser models and brands; it takes a lot of effort and force to damage a Promaster HGX filter.  And I haven’t even taked  about what coating will do on a filter.  That is a blog for a different day…

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