Better Shooting Tips # 14

DSC_9491 15021302_sChoose the best spot before your start
Just like you need to know where the light is going to be, where the action is going to be.  You need to have the best spot to work from. You want a nice spot where you can see and shoot all the action. What you don’t want is the coach or pedestrians pacing back in forth in front of you, unless that’s your thing. You don’t want people walking in front of you messing up your shots. Also you may not be able to spend a lot of time standing in the walkways, blocking other views and access. Look around. You want to be out of the way, off the walk ways.

Take time to walk around the situation and see if there is a better spot, maybe more out of the way to set up and shoot.  It con only take seconds to find a better spot.
Remember – nobody likes a pushy rude photographer. That is why the paparazzi are so disliked. If you ask nicely and are polite you might be able to do a lot more of things than you would if you are pushing your way in and getting thrown out. So know what shots you want, look for the best place to get them and shoot on!