9 Photo Gadgets Every Photographer Needs

Here are the top 9 photo gadgets that every photographer will be thankful they have in their camera bag, at some time or another.  These are useful, but you may not use them every time you go out on a shoot.  Nevertheless, if you have one and you know what to do with it – you will need it eventually.


#1 LED Ring light
– What? Macro ring lights used to be for closeup photos only.  Originally designed to attach to the front of the lens and get light in real close to the subject, providing a flat light so you can see more details with out shadows, a ring light is more than that.  For models some people like the hard, tight look of the light.  Plus the ring has a unique circular catch light in the eyes.  It is bright and flat and is small enough to hold in your hand if you need a side light.



#2 Grip Strap
– I don’t like having a strap on my camera, it gets in the way.  A grip strap allows you to remove the neck strap and keep the camera firmly attached to your hand.  There’s no loose strap to catch on things, and the grip strap is easily removed in a few seconds-but not too easily removed.  It fits in the camera strap lug, and it is possible to have it both strapped and gripped on the same camera.  See us for more info.  GRIP STRAP



6864#3 A heavy duty rain jacket – If you’ve worn through or torn up enough of the light weight plastic baggie rain covers and you want one that will last a lot longer, and in the woods or other difficult situations where a plastic bag will get torn up, this is just what you want.  Heavy vinyl and nylon fabric will withstand a heavy rain and a holly bush at the same time.  There is a clear vinyl window in the back so you can see your LCD and rear controls.  Cinches tight around the lens and your arm for added water resistance.  Not waterproof, this is only for a heavy fog or falling rain. RAIN JACKET



#4 Lens Cleaning Kit – You have to have one of these to
be a respectable photographer. Or are you going to be “that guy” with the but thumb print on the front of the lens that makes every photo soft in the center and sharp on the outside???  You’re better than that!  tissue and fluid for the lens, swabs to get junk out of the filter threads and off the lens mount, felt cloth to remove dust and debris of the barrel of the lens.  You are “this guy.” LENS CLEANING KIT




Memory_Card_High_Speed_SD_Performance_2pk_102612 copy

#5 Extra Memory Cards – You know that if something happens while you are out, that a spare memory card will save the day. They are cheap enough now that you can keep several, if not 4 or 5, in the side pocket of you bag and never have to worry again.  You can keep one for each new project and have the original safe until you are done, then you can format the card and use it over again.




1716#6 Digital Exposure Set – Three pocket sized cards in black, white and neutral that will allow you to place values in a scene, or set the black point, white balance or get the mid tome exposure setting.  One tool set in your pocket.  Has a lanyard so you can keep it handy! DIGITAL EXPOSURE SET





3973#7 Hurricane Blowerr – Blow out the mirror box or jet clean the front of your lens with no nasty propellants or oil sprays.  The hurricane blower is a good old fashioned hand squeezed air compressor.  Just air, compressed as hard as you squeeze.  A little or a lot!  HURRICANE BLOWER




7099#8 Wireless Remote Trigger– Get up to 100 feet away and still fire your camera.  All you need is the appropriate camera plug and you’ve got controls like continuous shooting, self timer and focus all at your finger tips. Trigger System





StoneBag#9 Stone Bag– You don’t have to put real rocks in this bag, because it will hold any type of lens or accessory you might need while you are shooting.  Great for keeping the lens caps while you are changing lenses. Remotes fall in this and are easily found!  Leave this on your tripod when you move it- when empty, the stone bag will fold up and stay inside your tripod legs while closed.  Once you use it you will wonder why you didn’t get it sooner.  It’s because it was last one on the list! STONE BAG