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You can spend hours researching and finding conflicting reviews about almost any photo gear. How do you know it is correct and not the opinion of somebody that just doesn't like that brand? What is their agenda? How do you like the camera? How does it feel in you hands? You really have no idea the size, comfort or weight of cameras when you look online. All of our staff are photographers. We come from many different fields and can talk and show you the advantages and disadvantages of what you see on line, and let you make a good decision about what you buy. We will seek to educate you, first. Plus, we can help you discern what the "lingo" means, and sometime tell you "you don't need that, because..."


We are locally owned and operated, so we spend our money in town. We more than somebody on eBay is buying from our neighbors as well. The economic benefits are immeasurable. The educational value is great, and the personal relations are immeasurable.





108 Garner Road,

Spartanburg, SC


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