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Out Dated Film Processing

We process very old films like C22, K14, Verichrome and other out dated processes at least once every three months. Out dated films refer to the outdated process (C22 or K14, Verichrome etc) the out dated size of the film (116, 127, 828 etc) or the outdated film that is no longer manufactured (Super X, Verichrome, Panatomic X etc). We will process the film using the best possible mix of chemicals to bring out what ever is still viable. Often because of the age and poor storage of these films, the damage is greater than the image and nothing is printable. We will only process the film and let you determine what should be printed.


Smaller films are narrower in width than 35mm, larger are wide in width than 120 or 220.



35mm & Smaller Process film to negatives

only $24.99

120 Process film to negatives

only $32.99

Larger Process film to negatives

only $40.99



Additional Film Processing Services


Scan 35mm or 120 film to CD or Dropbox

$ 5.99 (moderate file size)

Scan 35mm or 120 film to DVD or Dropbox

$ 9.99 (much larger files)

Scan other films to CD or Dropbox



Scan and file sizes are dependant upon the image on the negative and the resolution scanned. Some high-resolution scans cannot be put on CD and will cost extra because of the added time and resolution. Turns around times are subject to variations based on time of year and volume of film received. Prices are subject to change without notice. 












































































































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