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Basic Digital Photography 101

Basic DSLR Techniques 102

iPhone Photography 103

Better Children Photos 104

Digital Editing with Photoshop Elements 105

Adobe Lightroom, Organizing and Editing 106

Shooting DSLR Video 107

Advanced DSLR Camera 201

Canon System In-Depth 202

Nikon Cameras In-Depth 203

Sony System In-Depth 204

Beginning Sports Photography 205

Macro Photography 206

Landscape & Travel Photography 207

HDR Photography 208

Flash Photography Hands-on Workshop 301

Indoor Portraits & Studio Lighting Workshop 302

Creative Indoor Lighting 303

Sports & Action Photography Workshop 304

Outdoor Portraiture Hands-on Workshop 305

Editing Portraits with Photoshop Elements 306

Spartanburg 4-Hour Photography & PhotoShop Workshop 401

Greenville 4-Hour Photography & PhotoShop Workshop 402

One-on-one Boot Camp




Are you interested in learning more about your camera and how to get better pictures. How about having a little fun with your camera? Try one of our photo classes.


We schedule several times a year. Basic point and shoot, Basic DSLR, Basic PhotoShop, and Basic Web Edition software classes are offered several times a year. All of these deal in how to use what you have. Or, if you have not purchased a camera they can give you insight into what you are getting or need to get in your next camera.




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